Unleash the Benefits of PergolaTek's Prime Pergola for Your Outdoor Space

Prime is an innovative bioclimatic pergola system that has stood the test of time and environmental conditions, as verified by international institutions. Beyond its durability however, it also provides insulation from heat loss due to polyurethane filling in panel cavities and sound reduction with special gaskets & water gutters. It further makes outdoor living easier with motorized retractable panels plus integrated lighting for a modern aesthetic – all while minimizing heating costs no matter how cold winter gets!

The outdoor living trend has never been more popular and with the arrival of the Avant Garde Pergola, you can now bring your backyard dreams to life. This cutting-edge pergola offers unmatched style and functionality that will revolutionize the way you use your outdoor space.

Contemporary Design Features

An Avant-Garde pergola has a sleek and modern look that is sure to impress. It is made with high-quality materials and has clean lines, making it the perfect addition to any contemporary outdoor space.

Versatile Functionality

Not only does Prime add aesthetic value to your outdoor space, it also offers versatile functionality. It can be used as a shade structure, providing protection from the sun, or as a place to relax and entertain guests.

Durable Construction

Enhance your outdoor living space with durable pergolas designed to withstand the elements and provide lasting enjoyment.

Name: Prime

Max Size: 23′ x 30′  

Height: 16 ft

Lights: Dimmable LED Technology

Style: Modern

Material: Extruded Aluminum

Roof: Retractable

Approximate Delivery: 14-16Weeks

Warranty: 15 Years

Pet Friendly: Yes



  • Motorized Screens 
  • Center Beam w/ Fan
  • LED Lights
  • Gas / Electric Heaters
  • Moveable / Stationary Glass
  • Motorized Projector Screen / Installed Projector Mount


Prime is the perfect outdoor solution for any weather – rain or shine! This modern bioclimatic pergola system features innovative, self-rotating panels that can pivot up to 120 degrees. Enjoy breathable and comfortable space outdoors with Prime’s excellent visual and thermal protection all year round.

Select revolutionizes outdoor design with its modern architecture and unparalleled features. Its non-inclined structure ensures that nothing is lost in terms of height, while a fully retractable panel system provides maximum adaptability to any environment.


RGB alternative LED technology offers dynamic lighting effects and energy-efficiency at an affordable price. This cutting-edge system uses a single LED chip to produce colors that can be used for decorative, stage, and architectural purposes.


The Opal structure gives you the best of both worlds; side areas that can be secured and protected from bad weather with VertiGlass vertical automatic glass systems or heat-insulated fixed systems, while also allowing an ideal space for private dwellings. Enjoy up to 450 cm projection of your extended living area in any season!

The Bronze offers the perfect way to seamlessly extend your living space and protect it from ever-changing weather conditions. The VertiGlass automatic glass systems or heat-insulated fixed system provide durability for long term use, making this ideal for private dwellings with its massive 600 cm projection.

Gold offers the perfect solution to easily transform your outdoor space from summer to winter use. Its automatic folding system, sturdy railings and 900 cm projection mean it can handle adverse weather with ease – no extra carrier needed!

Get amazing sun coverage for your large open spaces without the need of any extra posts with Diamond Pergola Systems. This advanced product was designed specifically to give businesses like restaurants and hotels up 1200 cm projection value of shade, all while keeping itself securely in place from its own weight strength alone!

Ruby awning gives your place an eye-catching, modern edge. Its non-inclined structure maximizes space so you get more bang for your buck and side gutters offer increased insulation all around. Get that sleek, stylish look today with Ruby awning!

Ruby Plus shines, boasting an array of aesthetics and functional features. It’s no surprise it stands out in its family as one of the most capable members—its sleek design introducing a bold new perspective to outdoor shading solutions. For those who don’t want narrowing space restrictions, there’s Ruby Plus’s unique non-inclined structure that offers various options for insulation and protection with side gutters included in the package.

Feel the freedom of living in your very own outdoor oasis with Sapphire, a one-of-a kind ergonomically designed retractable pergola system. With no need for posts and an easy to use automatic folding function, it’ll be like adding a room onto your home without having to lift any hammers or nails! Enjoy up to 600 cm projection – perfect for relaxing residential spaces.

With Sapphire Plus, living spaces are instantly transformed into cozy havens. Its ability to expand from an oval form up to 600 cm and fold in single, double or triple layout makes it a versatile option for any décor need. Whatever the space requires – be it more organization or infrastructure – this product can deliver with its adaptable features.


Transform outdoor areas into modern designs using VertiGlass, a superior blend of luxury and function. Experience minimalistic design with the easy installation process that ensures an efficient use of space in any commercial or private environment – from terraces to balconies to restaurants. Let PergolaTek help you achieve ultimate perfection with their range of pergola systems for stylish spaces!

Our screen systems offer a kaleidoscope of colors and styles to suit every taste. Our fabrics are designed for durability, resisting mildew and fade. For those looking for something extra special we also provide clear vinyl or the luxurious Weblon option.

With an exquisite selection of over 60 fabrics and colors, this range offers solar protection from 1-60%, including bug control options to suit any aesthetic. From traditional black or grey shades with 10% & 20% exposures to the more modern hues such as mocha or chestnut in lower exposures; there are also options featuring sophisticated textures like espresso and opulent weblon borders all crafted out of durable clear vinyl fabric making it look distinctively solid!